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Following the best tradition of Italian soap machinery manufacturers and core mission of SAS Company, we are pleased to present the world most complete family of flash-stamping soap presses accounting of 8 models for all kind of production needs.

On 2000 we quit the production of the Condor soap presses and introduced the first press of the Stampex family. Thanks to its very positive acceptance, the family grew rapidly with versions with different features and capacities.
Besides the standard versions, from Stampex/1 to Stampex/4 we developed a special series, from Stampex/3+ to Stampex/8+ featured by the Double Stroke stamping action.
With eight different Stampex models available plus many other soap press models we confirm our unique position of most specialized soap press manufacturer in the world with decades of field experience and one thousand units sold worldwide.
The main vertical stamping movement of all Stampex versions is obtained without cams to assure maximum sturdiness and simplicity; the + versions take advantage of a toggle-joint cinematic mechanism that allows the Double Stroke action for a high finishing quality at any speed rate.
The Stampex/1 and Stampex/2 have been studied for small production lines or hotel size soap lines.
The Stampex/3, Stampex/4 and the related + versions are suitable for lines from 1,000 to 2,000 kg/h.
The Stampex/6+ and Stampex/8+ are offered for high-speed lines.

•Spring-loaded positive vertical or horizontal pick and place suction cup slug (billet) infeed system.
•Sixty degrees instead of the usual ninety degrees rotation of the bottom die-holder
•Special rotation of the bottom die-holder to provide firm, fall free hold for standard and complex shaped stamped bars.
•Continuous application of up-to-date technology develops the models year by year.
•Welded carbon steel body
•Variable frequency drive motors for the stamping movement, infeed and discharge conveyors.
•PLC based controls and Electronic Cam Positioner
•Venturi vacuum system (conventional vacuum pumps on request).
•Centralized lubrication system
•Very quick and easy die set changeover
•Automatic stamped bars recycle mode controlled by the down-stream packaging machine.
•Efficient minimum heat loss die coolant distribution system.

A vertical reciprocating motion die slide carries the upper dies.
The lower dies are positioned on a 60 degrees alternating motion rotating die-holder.
The flashstamping stamping method is used for stamping all banded and bandless shaped bars. The slug (billet) is transformed into stamped bars (tablets) when the upper and rotating dies meets together and excess of product (flashing) is formed around the periphery of dies. The shape and final weight of the stamped bars is determined by the fully closed upper and lower dies.
If Double-Stroke action is selected (+ versions) the upper die reaches the lowest position (first stroke) to meet the rotating die then raises a little and repeats the stamping action (second stroke) in order to stabilize the soap shape.

There are two infeed options depending on applications. Horizontal infeed is recommended specifically for production of hotel size bars.

•VERTICAL SLUG INFEED - The slugs arrive vertically on edge on the infeed belt conveyor. A vacuum suction-cup group brings the slug(s) between the upper and the lower dies.
•HORIZONTAL SLUG INFEED - The slugs arrive horizontally face down on the infeed belt conveyor. A vacuum suction-cup group brings the slug(s) between the upper and the lower dies.

A vacuum suction cup group removes the stamped bars with the flashings from dies. The bars are pulled through a deflashing plate to free them from the flashing which falls onto a flashing belt conveyor or onto a stainless steel chute. The suction cups rotate the stamped bars 60 degrees and place them accurately in line on the discharge conveyor.

A complete die set consists of one reciprocating upper die, one rotating lower die and the deflashing plate. Depending on the model, each die can be fitted from one to eight cavities according to bar size, weight and stamping speed requirements


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