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The laboratory equipment is used in laboratories of soap factories or in small artisan workshops.
They consist of relatively small machines, apt to process toilet soap noodles or flakes in order to reproduce on a small scale the operations performed on the industrial production line.
The soap produced with these machines can be used for laboratory tests to check the soap performance and/or to get quantities of soap samples.

It is as small scale finishing line composed by: Mixer (Normal Amalgamator or Double Arm Sigma), Three Roll Mill, Plodder (Simplex Refiner or Duplex Vacuum), Manual Cutter, Hydraulic Press.
All the machines are separately driven and all the main parameters such as temperatures and working pressures, are monitored by a set of instruments on main display panel. This set up allows the serious production of even very difficult or very high quality soap tablets.

We have a full range of Laboratory Plodders:
- Single Screw Simplex Plodder "SM-60"
- Twin Screw Simplex Plodder "SB-50"
- Single Screw Duplex Vacuum Plodder "DVM-60"
- Combo-Screw Transavon Plodder "60->40"

The "SM-60" and "SB-50" are "Combo Plodders" i.e. they can be used as Simplex Refiner and as Simplex Extruder: the soap noodles, previously mixed, are first refined and once they are enough homogeneous, the unit can be converted in order to extrude a continuous billet.
The "DVM-60" is a complete Duplex Vacuum Plodder. It is provided with a vacuum chamber with transparent "Lexan" door and a vacuum Venturi system.
The "Transavon 60->40" take advantages of the combo-screw with large diameter infeed section that assures an optimal soap infeed and a small diameter and long compressing section that assures maximum homogenization and compression, and from the milling valve suitable to eliminate dry specks (grit) of the soap and control the soap processing pressure.

•Screws are made in Silumin aluminum alloy.
•Stainless steel manufacture
•Stainless steel soap pellet feed hopper
•Heated nose cone with interchangeable die plate
•Refining/Pelletizing group with rotary knives
•An electrical panel with push buttons is supplied. The equipment and wiring are made in accordance with international prevailing regulations.
•AC fix speed gear motor.
•The maximum billet size that can be extruded from these Laboratory Plodders has diameter of 26 mm.

Laboratory Soap Mixer
laboratory soap roll mill
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