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We offer four single blade adjustable length soap cutters with different characteristics and range of applications.

•Unicut is an electro-pneumatic cutter suitable for low capacity lines. It can be fitted with an economical printing device for cut soap billets (slugs). A special version is available for hand-fed products.

•Savoncut/e is a mechanical-electronic cutter designed for medium to high speed lines. Two servo-driven motors, electronically geared, operate the blade obtaining a synchronized cut which is vertical even in case of billets extruded at high speeds.

•Easycut is a fully electronic cutter suitable for any line speed. An innovative new design with a rotating blade directly coupled to the servo-driven motor shaft assures very accurate cuts for high-speed operations.

All our cutters has been designed to cut continuously extruded billets from 8 to 1000 mm. The cutting length can be changed easily and immediately on the touch panel while the unit is in operation.

Our cutters are recommended for cutting:
o Very long billets required for multi-cavity "flashstamping" presses
o Unstamped thick laundry soaps
o Laundry soap billets printed in the center of top or side
o Hard products such as synthetic laundry bars
o Short and thin billets for hotel soap applications
o Rim Blocks

Flashstamping soap presses utilize long billets which can cause bridging problems when recycled back to the plodder. The "recycle mode", when actuated, cuts short billets for recycle, eliminating bridging.

- PLC and user-friendly Touch Panel/Screen
- Electronic Encoder for precise cutting length measure
- Frequency driven belt conveyor to match the extruded billet speed
- Safety covers with interlocks
- Pneumatic anti-vibration jack-bolts
- Movable wheels
- Height adjustment of the cutting plane

- Top centered printing device
- Two or four side embossing rollers
- Left and right hand models
- Dual lane versions
- Increased or decreased cutting stroke


The cutter blade and its pneumatic actuator are mounted on a light aluminium assembly: this group, the soap billet and the belt conveyor move at the same speed to assure accurate, straight vertical cuts.

The mechanical components are few and basic; the operators can easily understand its functioning.


The blade is separately driven along two axis by two high-performance servo-driven brushless motors.

The main motor assures the vertical cutting movement of the cutting group.
A second motor assures the horizontal movement of the blade within the cutting group.

During the cut, while the cutting group moves down and up, the blade is also moved horizontally at the same speed of the extruded billet. Once the blade is up again it is moved back to the "zero" position at the maximum speed in order to be ready for the next cut. These two movements are electronically controlled and their combination gives an exact vertical and neat cut.


The Easycut cutting system (patented) is based on a servo-driven application.
The blade is directly connected to the motor shaft which, at each signal from the encoder, makes a 180 degrees rotation allowing the blade to cut the soap billet.

Thanks to the extremely small cutting interval there is no need of a horizontal movement of the blade that rotates and stops each cycle.

The main features are:
•High speed operations independently by billet thickness. Inertia of the system is the minimum possible allowing continuous motor starts and stops at very high rate.
•Through blade (passing blade): the blade cuts the soap and then passes through a very narrow gap.
•Minimum noise for absence of mechanical driving mechanisms
•Minimum maintenance, no lubrication



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