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The Drum Flaker/Pelletizer (Chill Rolls) is a simple and reliable machine that cools and solidifies into flakes liquid neat soap, soap/syndet (“combo”) and syndet products.
It has a two special, counter-rotating stainless steel rolls equipped with internal cooling jacket.
Cold water is conveyed through in a spiral pattern all around the inner surface of the drum, to grant an uniform heat transmission.
The drums are equipped with rotary joints for proper water distribution and consistent water recycling in a closed circuit when using a water chiller.
Separate motor-reducers drive each drum and the product discharge conveyor. These independent drives allow easy maintenance and flexibility of operation.
Liquid soap or syndet slurry is pumped on the rolls that spread it evenly among them, in a 0,3 – 0,5 mm thick layer that is quickly cooled down and solidified.
Product is then scraped off the rolls, by the doctor blades, in form of flakes and fall onto a discharge conveyor belt or into the hopper of Pelletizer that produces soap noodles.
It is suitable to produce soap flakes at a temperature of 38-40°C approx. from liquid soap at 80-90°C.
Soap produced in this way has no dry specs, because of very limited drying involved.

•All parts in contact with soap made in AISI 304 stainless steel, remaining parts in epoxy painted carbon steel
•Gap Setting: mechanical manual setting and adjustment
•Connections: rotary joints
•Variable speed by Frecuency Inverter (only for Drum Pelletizer)

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