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The machine is suitable to engrave on two sides both laundry and toilet soaps, banded rectangular shape.
The rotating die box has four stations each one with two cavities; each stroke gives two stamped soap bars.
Dual-lane infeed conveyor and single lane discharge conveyor complete the standard version.

The interesting feature is the ease of access in the stamping zone being all the movements positioned on only one side of the machine. By opening the safety guard the operator can easily and quickly disassemble, assemble and adjust the dies with precision.

The machine is of very recent design and take advantage of new technologies , i.e.:

•All work mechanisms are fitted on ball and linear bearings.
•Use of trade material (slides, guides, reducers etc.)
•Use of frequency inverters of last generation, which allow the elimination of the clutch and a more precise adjustment of the production speed.
•Infeed and discharge conveyors driven with motors controlled by frequency inverters.

Some pushers are foreseen to charge and discharge the soaps from the stamping box.
The press body is made of heavy duty welded steel and contains all mechanisms to control dies and stamping box.
All parts in motion are covered by interlocked safety guards in order to comply to the CE safety regulations. When opening one of the protection covers, the machine immediately stops.

The machine is provided with centralised lubrication.
A group with filter reducer and lubricant of the compressed air is supplied for the die ejectors and for the accessories.

Built-in circuit for the die cooling liquid which should be supplied by a separate chilling unit. The circuit is complete of related pipes and distributors.

Electric installation for machine control by PLC, knobs for speed regulation, photocells for the automatic control of the soap billet infeed and other different control devices.


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