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The “OVALEX” is a fully automatic soap press designed to stamp toilet bandless, banded and specialty shaped soap bars. It is pneumatically operated and is an ideal solution for small-medium production requirements.

The press is supplied complete with:
Intermittent motion slug infeed conveyor driven by a 0.18 kW variable speed drive motor.
Group of pneumatic grippers for the transfer of the incoming slugs between the stamping dies.
Vertical stamping group with pneumatic piston which operates through a toggle-joint mechanical leverage. The toggle-joint system multiplies the stamping pressure in an elegant mechanical way just when the top die approaches the bottom die. Thanks to this we have very high stamping pressure and very fast operation. Single stroke stamping action.
The die set according to the size of the stamped bar can have one, two or three cavities. The single die set produces one bar, the double two and the triple three bars for each stamping cycle.
Stamped bar weight is easily controlled by mechanical adjustment of the clearance between the upper and lower dies. This feature also prevents any possible damage of the dies.
Linear bearings are used to assure precise die movements.
The bottom die, after stamping, moves forward in order to allow the removal of the stamped bar(s) by means of a suction-cup discharge group.
The discharge suction-cups move down, remove the stamped bars, pass them through the deflashing plate and release them onto the discharge conveyor.
Discharge conveyor driven by a 0.18 kW variable
speed drive motor.
Electric panel board complete with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and cams Programmer for control and monitoring of all press functions, product position sensors, Frequency Inverters, safety switches and all
Filter/regulator/lubricator group and compressed air tank.
Aluminium and transparent PVC guard.
In board system for die sets cooling.
Supply according to CE regulation.


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