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Our brand new WRAPPEX Soap Wrapping Machine is suitable to wrap both rectangular and oval bars with or without side band at a speed up to 200 wraps per minute. The paper feeding is from heat sealing reel. The soap wrapping style is double-point end fold.

The WRAPPEX soap wrapping machine is supplied complete with:

• main electrical motor with electronic frequency inverter
• in-line infeed with rotary suction-cup group
• 2 infeed reel holders for outer paper
• 2 infeed reel holders for inner stiffener
• outer-wrap & carton stiffener infeed and “twodirections” registration system by servo-driven motor
• continuous motion upper chain to convey the wrapped soap bars toward the outlet
• electronic cam positioner to control the phases of vacuum, etc.
• electronic controllers for the temperature of the sealing resistances
• BOPP kit for the use of polypropylene outer wrap
• switch to control the several safety covers
• electrical and electronic panel

Toilet Soap Wrapper Toilet Soap Wrapping Machine Soap Wrapping Machine
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